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Game Description:

It is always a great idea to offer you new dinosaur games in 2 players to enjoy for free on our website, which is the reason why right now you are all given the chance to experiment with the newest such game we've brought forward for everyone, a game called DinoZ, which is a platform-adventure game in two players that is set in a world where dinosaurs have been experimented on an island, just like in the Jurrasic Park movies. The dinos who have been treated badly have escaped and kidnapped some of the scientists, so you and a friend need to step into the shoes of a soldier and do your best to save them in this action and shooting game! Player 1 moves using the w, a, s, d keys, F to shoot or hit, and Q to change weapons, while Player 2 moves using the arrows, L for shooting, and U to switch weaponry. Along your path to reach the exit of each level, be careful of any traps and obstacles that you might encounter, as well as be wary of the infected bad dinosaurs, since they will attack you, so shoot them down, while protecting and saving the good dinosaurs that are in trouble. On your path you are also going to find dino eggs, so try your best to collect as many of them as possible, because they can give you different rewards, and when you find power-ups, make sure to grab them immediately! Remember, this is a game where the two players are not competing against one another, but you are rather working together to complete your mission, so start the fun right now, and don't leave, since we're sure that you are going to appreciate all of the other great new games that are still on their way for you here today!

How to play:

- Use arrow keys to move
- Use the G KEY to jump
- Use the H key to attack

Tips and Tricks:

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