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About Dragons Dream

Welcome back here, on the Dinosaursgames.net today to enjoy a new great game. This game is called Dragons Dream game. This is an Acarde game, published by Suchagamestudios. The game has unique graphics, the sound is the roar, the roar of the dragon will definitely bring you interesting experiences about this game.

Entering the game, you control a dragon. Your task is to control it to destroy many other spawn dragons by destroying their portals. The game will be limited in time, and you only have 13 seconds to start. Each time you successfully destroy a portal, your time will be increased. And conversely, if you miss these portals without destroying them, many dragons will spawn. And then you will have very little time to destroy them.

Destroy the gates accurately and try to survive as long as possible. After each game ends, the game screen will display your game results including longest time survived in days, most dragons ever survived, a record of portals destroyed, your time survived in days, dragons you have survived, portals you have destroyed...

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How to play:

The controls in this game are very simple. You just press the "Up" keyboard key to keep your dragon flying.
Press "Space" key to spray fire on the ports that appear.

Tips and Tricks:

You need to dodge all the dragons and touching the ground

Survive for as long as possible


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Dragons Dream is an interesting game to play in your free time, or when you want to reduce stress. This game and all other games on Dinosaursgames.net page are free. You can play any game you want, play with your friends at school, park or on the bus ... We invite you to have fun!


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