Dragon Fighting

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Game Description:

Dragon Fighting

Play free Dragon Fighting game at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games online! This is a battle game in which your task is to choose an dragon to battle with other dragon.

Dragons ready to train, learn how to fight, how to defend the state are many things of which battles between dragons are often very tough, full of action and the interpretations that you will have to intervene and try to make them law.

In the new game you got the two trainers of trainers Hiccup with his dragon Toothless is a dragon color is black, big, blowing flames, and the other part is that Astrid herself ready with her ​​blue green dragon STORMFLY. You'll have the opportunity to choose one of these trainers, then we invite you to put all the knowledge to work and try to pass as soon as you finish the fight Cleaned value.

If you like this game, then try it now! Fight your way and become to winner! Please enjoy it and have fun!

Dragon Fighting Features

- Free to play!
- Select your dragon
- Fight your way
- A realistic habitat system for all your dragons.
- A crossbreeding mechanism, which brings out surprisingly realistic results!

How to play:

Use arrow keys to move,
use down key to block,
Use Ctrl for a basic attack
Hold down spacebar for a charge attack

Tips and Tricks:

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