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Game Description:

Dragon Glauron Tales is a very interesting dragon adventure game that is developed by Frozen Fractal. The game has unique graphics, the sound of the arrow, the fire breathing sound of the dragon, all of them are very interesting. Glauron: dragon tales game will definitely be an interesting experience for all children who love dragons.

The game tells about one dragon - Glauron. He has broken free of his five hundred year imprisonment, and he is not happy! The people living in the mountains will try to fire their arrows at him. So the player needs to help him avenge himself and wreak havoc among the innocent citizens.

Join the game, you will be transformed into a dragon Glauron. You try to fly as far as you can and dodge arrow attacks from the ground. They are trying to shoot you down. So avoid these arrows and destroy them by using your fire breath to spew fire at all of them.

Destroy everything like archers, arrows, churches, houses you will get points.

Note that, in the left corner of the screen will show your health, every time you hit the arrow, then your health will be reduced. If you lose your health completely, that means the game will end.

The game has many levels, but only a single map. After each time the game ends, your score sheet will be displayed such as

- Archers toasted: Displays the number of points that destroyed the archer.
- Arrows charred: Displays the number of points that destroyed the Arrows.
- Houses torched: Displays the number of points that destroyed the houses.
- Churches burnt down: Displays the number of points that destroyed the churches burnt
- Distance flown: Display the number of points you have reached the flying distance
- Level reached
- Highest multiplier
Final score: The total number of points you gain.

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How to play:

Click left the mouse to fly
Click right the mouse to breathe fire

Tips and Tricks:

- If you don’t like the sound of this game, you can turn the sound off. How to do that? Very easy! Just turn it off on the game screen.

- Don't stop beating your wings to keep flying if you don't want to fall down.

- Low flying, you easily destroy archers, houses, churches

Dragon Glauron Tales on Dinosaursgames.net

If you like this cool game, then try it once. I make sure you have a great time with this game. While enjoying this game, you can also play many other great dinosaur games on our website. The online dinosaur games, coloring games, dinosaur pictures ... All of them are free. You will be free to choose any game you want. Wish you happy gaming!


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