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Game Description:

About Dragon Likes Fruit

Welcome to an extremely exciting new game, called Dragon Likes Fruit. This is a small platform game, where you collect fruit as a dragon. You can play one demo level, find secrets, solve puzzles and fight enemies.

In the game, your dragon is hungry, so help he find all the fruit to make him happy. You will control him to jump over different platforms. Along the way, try to collect all the fruits. The amount of fruit you need to collect is 48, and a giant one - that is them all. The game is not easy all. Because you have to collect all the fruits, besides, you will encounter some obstacles that you must try to solve all the questions to overcome these obstacles. But don't worry about it, we think, if you want to win, then you just need to focus on the game, take some control and you will complete the task in this game.

This is a great game! excellent level design and graphics. Joining this game is an interesting experience, we sure you would like to play it. Play with your friends is very interesting! Please enjoy and have fun!

How to play:

Use A, D keys to walk left and right
Press space to jump (press twice for double-jump)
Press W key to charge and shoot a fireball
Press S key to bite and attack enemies and trigger switches
Press E key to open doors
Press B to reset level

Tips and Tricks:

Press W key that can damage enemies and lit torches

You can destroy secret blocks by with S key or W key

You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sound on/off on the game screen.

Play the game and help him harvest as many fruits as possible.


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