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Game Description:

Welcome to an interesting dragon game! Dragon Slayer 2: Darkness Rises is an exciting 3D action game that was developed by Gamearter. The game has unique graphics, great sound that surely will give players the most interesting experiences.

The game is a story about knights, they are very brave to save innocent people living in a kingdom. From ancient times, when the evil forces and witches lived with humans, that's the dragons, they are one of a ferocious animal and hunt people, creatures, undead, and animals. People are very afraid of dragons because these can attack anyone. And nobody wants to advance to challenge the dragons, fortunately, the good knights had appeared. They planned to kill dragons so that people do not have to live in fear anymore. And you, if you want to be one of these kind knights, then start trying!

When entering the game, you can select a character, amount and a level to play. The evil dragon is very dangerous, and you have to battle with them. You will destroy all enemies on the map. This game has many levels, each level is a challenge for you. The interesting part of this game is that you can select one of the levels that you want, unlike some other games that require players to complete the levels in order. Dragon Slayer 2: Darkness Rises has 7 levels, each level is a different task if you want to know what those tasks are then looking below.
- At the first level: To become a dragon slayer, you must fight to prove yourself best!
At the second level, you need to pioneer in the Legion to destroy metamorphic warlords!
At the third level, you have to save the kingdom from the invasion of monsters!
At the fourth level, your task is to rescue the villagers from the demon possessions!
At the fifth level, go find the origin of monsters and dragon wings.
At the sixth level, you need to Infiltrate the world of dragons!
At the seventh level, let's destroy the dragon king and its minions.


The game has 3 hero characters such as Anna, Ethan, and Leon. You can choose one of them and start playing.

Mount select

Here are some mounts, they will accompany you during the game.

Gameplay & Graphics Option

- Brightness: You can customize the brightness in the game by clicking on the custom bar
- Contrast: if you want to change the contrast background color of the game, then customize it with the contrast bar.
- Sounds: You can customize the volume of loud or small sounds through the soundbar.
- Texture Quality: Low, Ultra, high, medium,
- Anti Aliasing: 2X, 4X, 8X, Disabled
- Shadows: Hard, Hard & Soft, Disabled
- VSync: Enabled, Disabled

How to play:

- Use WASD keys to move your character
- Left click to attack/block
- Press E key to action, Shift to run, C to crouch, space to jump, Q to fly up dragons.
- Use arrow keys to swap equipment.

Tips and Tricks:

- In settings, you can configure the Color, Sound, Brightness...

- Familiarize yourself with the joystick before starting the game.

- If you want to complete the levels then read some missions in each level above.

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