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Game Description:

Escape the Zoo Games
Hello to all the escape games lovers. We are happy to bring you a new escape game that will send you directly to the Fizizi Zoo where it looks like the power of the main gate is down and you need to find all the missing microchips to restore the power and escape the zoo. This zoo game will put your brain to the test with lots of puzzles that you need to solve by finding the hints that are well hidden in the game. Like in all escape games you will need to find hints and codes and every room contains at least 1 hint or item that will help you proceed with the game. Just to give you a head start I will give you all a hint so you could start solving this escape game. An exciting game, attractive, beautiful graphics, and help the turtle playfully escape the zoo to play with his friends. Use the mouse and click on the widgets support helps the turtle playfully escape. Enjoy free fun games are on our site
Hope you will enjoy playing this escape game. Good luck solving all puzzles.

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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