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Game Description:

Escena Dino Demo

Play the super fun new game called Escena Dino Demo added today on the free site. The game was created by David Castela and was released on September 2019. In this exciting adventure where players control a knight running, collecting items and avoiding challenging obstacles. on the road. With fun 2D graphics and fast gameplay, Escena Dino Demo is a game that deserves relaxation during the weekends.

In Escena Dino Demo, you play as a soldier running through a mysterious forest to collect items and avoid obstacles along the way. Your character will keep running and your job is to use the spacebar to get him to jump high to collect items and avoid all the dangerous obstacles along the way. The more items you collect, your health will increase. But remember that every time you touch an obstacle, your health will be reduced and the game will be over. In the upper right corner of the game screen, will show the distance you have run, and the number of items you have collected.

On your way, you will face obstacles. The game will take you to your own Adventure, so you can only trust yourself in this game. Run your way, how do you win the game.
Get ready and conquer all its hard trials right now! Good luck!

How to play:

Use SPACEBAR to jump

Tips and Tricks:

Try to overcome obstacles, collect all items to get the highest results in the game.


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