Forest Hunter

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Game Description:

Forest Hunter is an interesting shoot 3D game. The game has cool 3D graphics and clear sound that suitable for people who love hunting game. We offer to play a very cool 3D game Forest Hunter. Go into the forest and begin hunting for wild animals right now!

Entering the game, you'll be playing as a hunter. Right at the beginning, you can choose what type of animal you want to hunt for. There are six options to choose such as rabbits, ducks, deer... and the harder to catch types include rabbits and ducks.

Your goal is to shoot a certain number of animals at some time. The time you have is 21 seconds, and the number of bullets for each shot you have is 3. Complete tasks and you can upgrade your sniper rifle to a more powerful one.

The game has 6 levels, each level has different challenges that require you will overcome all these levels to complete the game.
Example for Hunt objective in level 1: You must hunt two stags by sniper gun. For better performance, you can upgrade your weapon.
- Be careful with wolves because they will attack you right after you fire your gun. There are difficulty levels to choose that come with each animal, but if you start lowering them, the reward will be smaller. Try to earn as much money as you can to buy new guns at the store. There’s a lot of them available, some look great, even though they may be more expensive than others.


Select one of the weapons below for your hunting.

M 24 - Bolt Action

Zoom: 2X
Capacity: 1 Bullet
Stability: 10m

Dragunov 2015

Zoom: 4X
Power: 65
Capacity: 2 bullet
Stability: 15m

Scar 35 mod

Zoom: 6X
Power: 85
Capacity: 4 bullet
Stability: 25m

Scout SSG 07

Zoom: 8x
Power: 100
Capacity: 8 bullet
Stability: 20m

Badger - Hunter's Riffle

Zoom: 10X
Power: 105
Capacity: 6 Bullet
Stability: 35m

Ar 25 - Eliminator Edition

Zoom: 12 x
power: 130
Capacity: 10 bullet
stability: 50m

How to play:

- Use your left mouse click to shoot.
- Right click + mouse wheel to zoom.

Tips and Tricks:

- Try to shoot as many animals as you can before the timer runs out, you’ll have to achieve a minimum score to advance to the next level.

- Be careful with wolves because they will attack you right after you fire your gun.


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