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Game Description:

* About Gigantosaurus Coloring Game

Gigantosaurus Coloring Game is an online coloring game that you can play completely free at the site. Gigantosaurus Coloring Game was developed by - a game developer based in Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 104 / M
Volla (NA) 80040 - Italy. They have developed many types of games such as HTML5 games, Video games, 3D Games ... Gigantosaurus Coloring Game was developed and released based on a 3D animated film for Disney Junior.

In this game, you will get colored with the 4 characters that are Mazu, Tiny, Bill, and Rocky. Mazu is a dinosaur who always wants to learn more about the outside world. Tiny is a funny and cute dinosaur. He always wanted to enjoy the escape. Bill - is a prudent dinosaur, and it is very exciting to continue its adventure. The other character is Rocky - this is a brave dinosaur, it is always confronted with every challenge. All four of these dinosaurs are trying to stay away from the gigantic Gigantosaurus.

Now you start coloring your dinosaur. You can choose a dinosaur that you like from 6 black and white pictures and color it. To color, you need to click on the colored pens located at the bottom of the screen. There are a total of 24 colors that you can choose. There is an eraser so you can erase, besides you can use another feature to increase the size of the colored pen.

Use your imagination and creativity to combine different colors for dinosaurs. After completing your masterpiece, you can print it out or take a picture to send to your friends. We think coloring dinosaurs will be a lot of fun for you, especially small kids who love dinosaurs.

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How to play:

Use YOUR MOUSE to play this game. How to play is simple, after selecting the color pen, click and hold the left mouse button to move it to the image and color.

Tips and Tricks:

You can turn on or turn off the sound on the game screen.

Use the spin arrow on the left side of the screen to return from the beginning

Use the feature to increase or decrease the size of color pens while coloring.


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