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Game Description:

Jungle Dinosaur Fly Adventure is a game that bring you an adventure to a Jurassic age where dinosaurs rules. Dinosaur fly is free for you to play. Take this opportunity to explore the mysterious and dangerous jungle in prehistoric time.
The dinosaurs went on to dominate life on Earth for 165 million years (Jurassic Age) - a vast span of time that permitted the evolution of a dazzling variety of species. They were fantastically successful animals, and many were among the biggest and most spectacular creatures that have ever existed. Until recently, we thought they were all extinct – wiped out by some catastrophe 65 million year ago, and surviving only as fossils. Yet we now realize that one group of dinosaurs-the birds- still flourishes, so the age of dinosaurs has not ended. In Jungle Dinosaur Fly Adventure you as “Archaeopteryx”. – The bird that will take your first flight to an amazing sky adventure.

Small and speedy hunters chased after prey. Giant plant-eaters gobbled the leaves and flowers. Some of these reptiles took to the water, and some learned to fly, these are the law in the Jurassic World. You are the hunter in the sky and searching for food in the jungle. Your will chase and eat small dinosaur and your favorite is a small delicious bird. Chase that small dinosaur and you will earn point. However, there is still a dinosaur that can attack you. They are the ruthless carnivore’s hunter. This kind of dinosaur can breathe fire like a dragon. Although these hungry hunter look like a dragon, they actually a flying reptile dinosaur. You can escape from this beast by flapping your wing to get beyond the reach of predators. Flying takes a great deal of energy, so don’t forget to chase and eat small bird for your dino strength. You also can escape from that deadly attack by flying faster. To increase your speed you need to hunt smaller jungle dinosaur. Dodge attack from bigger dinosaur.

You must survive from the jungle dinosaur attack. Collect as many points as you can. Fly free in the sky and don’t go running on jungle floor otherwise jungle predator can easily hunt and catch you. Flying is the only way to escape from the jungle rampage of Jurassic world.

This is the best flying game for dinosaur fan like you. Jungle Dinosaur Fly Adventure contains wonderful prehistoric pterosaurs background view and scary horrify jungle sound. It is fun and addictive to play. Accumulate more points by hunting as much prey you can and dodge attack from the beast dragon. Compare with friends who are the highest and lowest score. Have a great flying adventure.
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How to play:

Use the arrows to move. SPACE bar to attack

Tips and Tricks:

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