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Game Description:

Jurrasic Cargo

This is new great game Jurrasic Cargo, you can play it and enjoy it at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games online. Jurrasic Cargo is a very funny game where you can try yourself in the role of driver that delivering cargo.

In this game, you Drive in the Jurassic period, in a dangerous world with Tyrannosaur Rex chasing the cargo truck, which takes innocent dinosaur eggs to a safe zone. An injured mommy and vegetarian Dino are trying to escape the predators.

Take all of the dinosaur eggs on to your cargo wagons and take them through the perilous Jurassic jungle, in your way you will encounter Sabertooths, Pterodactyls and other prehistoric dinosaurs that are standing in your path to success. Mama Dino is sitting at the back of your truck to watch over how you transport her precious eggs.

Your success is based on how well you manage to balance and drive the truck to the destination nest. You start the game with a set number of eggs and every time one egg falls of your wagon it will be subtracted from your remaining total. You can lose the game by damaging your truck too much, by losing and cracking all the eggs. Try not to accelerate too hard as the wagons are extra fragile and the eggs might bounce out thus you will be loosing the round.

So be careful if you are going to loose all the eggs the Papa Dinosaur will not be pleased! Become the best prehistoric cargo driver in the entire Stone Age and beat all the levels Jurrasic Cargo has to offer.

Join this game is very interesting! Try it now! Please enjoy and have fun!

How to play:

Use the up arrow to make your jurrasic cargo move forward,

Down arrow to make it go backwards and the left and right arrow to balance your cargo.

Tips and Tricks:

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