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Game Description:

Today, we will bring to you a new great shoot game that is called Jurassic Dino Hunting. The game has great 3D graphics, this will definitely be an exciting experience of hunting dinosaurs in this weekend for you.

The game have multi-level, each level bringing different challenges for you. For example, at level 1, you will have to destroy 10 dinosaurs. What's interesting here is that you will have a time limit to kill all 10 dinosaurs. If you do not complete the goal, then the game will end. Besides, the game screen will show your health. Once you are attacked by dinosaurs, then your health can drop to 0 and the game will end.

To accomplish the goal in each level is not easy. The prehistoric beasts are very aggressive and dangerous. For each time you shoot to them that can attack you, two or three of their attacks are enough to kill you. However, you can still accomplish your goal if you focus on the game. You need to aim exactly at each dinosaur and shoot. You need to quickly find the hiding dinosaurs, because time is limited. Quickly find other lurking dinosaurs and destroy as quickly as possible.

Now is the time to complete your goals. Kill every dangerous dinosaur near you. Protect your life at all costs and react quickly before your life is in danger. Enjoy some great graphics and have a great time!

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How to play:

Use WASD to move
Left mouse to shoot
Right mouse to aim
Tab to toggle pause

Tips and Tricks:

- You can turn off the sound on the game screen

- Aiming and accurately capture each dinosaur

- Quickly find the dinosaurs hiding and destroy them because time is limited


* Jurassic Dino Hunting on Dinosaursgames.net site


We are sure that you will have a great time, and you will see that many other fun and interesting Jurassic Dino Hunting games for you are going to appear right here on our website, where you can play many amazing dinosaur games for kids that you can play for free with all your friends. Have fun!


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