Jurassic Park III: Park Builder

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Jurassic Park III: Park Builder

Welcome to the Jurassic Park III: Park Builder game, you can play it and enjoy it for free at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games online! Jurassic Park III: Park Builder is a very interesting game in which your task is to Create your very own island-based theme park with tons of dinosaurs and tourists destinations in this simulation video game Jurassic Park III: Park Builder!

Jurassic Park III: Park Builder is a park construction and management simulation video game that was released back in 2001 exclusively for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) handheld gaming system. The game challenges the player to design, build, and run his/her own Jurassic Park theme park in the middle of an exclusive island. However, securing your own dinosaur isn’t that easy, you must first excavate and search all around the world for fossilized mosquitoes that contain dinosaur DNA and use the DNA to create new dinosaurs that you can put on your very own dangerous zoo.

If you like to play this game then try building your very own Jurassic Park and fix all the problems that the first one had! Take your time to plan ahead as you create awesome dinosaur enclosures, along with restaurants, shops and food stalls to keep the punters happy! In the amazing Jurassic Park III - Park Builder you are the creator and manager so try to avoid catastrophe! Then once the park is built and ready to go, you can open it to the public and manage it, making sure nothing goes wrong with the dino's or the general public, and money keeps rolling in to pay for expenses.

Jurassic Park III: Park Builder Features:

- Create your own dinosaur park!
- Excavate sites around the world, create dinosaurs and construct your own theme park!
- Breed 140 species of dinosaurs to exhibit in your customized Dinosaur Park
- Trade DNA with your friends to complete your dinosaur collection
- Arrange dinosaur exhibits, construct restaurants and stores, and advertising to build your park into a major tourist attraction.

Do you have what it takes to create the ultimate park? Start playing games now! We hope you enjoy this game, enjoy the free new gameplay on Dinosaursgames.net. Thank you for playing!

How to play:

In game.

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