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Game Description:

Jurassic Park Part 2 or The Chaos Continues is a video game that produced in 1994 and this game is developed by Ocean Software. The game has amazing music with the graphics are amazing, and the beginning intro with audio and surprisingly decent acting makes this game even more unique. The game will have interesting and extremely challenging experiences.

Entering the game, you will be set in the role of an Alan Grant and John Hammond has a chance to show off their skillful shooting ability by participating in various battles with soldiers, dinosaurs, and creatures. You will also have a chance to approach so many powerful weapons, the gun that in real life they rarely can see.

Along the way, you must accomplish several different missions and fight off flesh-eating dinosaurs and heavily armed Biosyn soldiers and scientists who will stop at nothing to halt you in your mission.

- In the left corner of the screen will show your life bar. If you are attacked by an enemy, your life bar will drop to 0, then you won't be able to survive, and the game will end.
- Kill many dinosaurs, the higher your survivability.
- Note that: While you must defend yourself against dinosaurs, you must be cautious as if the number of animals on the island drops below a certain number, you will lose and be forced to start the game over once again. Continues ends with you destroying the Biosyn base and features one of the coolest opening sequences a Jurassic Park gaming title has ever had!

+ Character:

You can choose one of the two characters Alan Grant and John Hammond to play the game. The mission of these two players is to stop Lewis Dodgson's men from capturing dinosaurs.

+ Weapons:

There are six weapons can be used in the game in which three lethal and three non-lethal.
- 3 weapons lethal: this is weapon specialized on taking down Biosyn troops, raptors, and the T-rex. They including:
. Rifle: It is called Standard firearm. This gun has infinite rounds and has the least damage.
. Sub-Machine Gun: This gun has the power close to the rifle, but it has more than double the rate of fire which depletes ammo quickly.
. Shotgun: This is the strongest lethal weapon, it can kill some enemies in one shot. Most effective in close range.

- 3 less-Lethal Weapons: They include:

. Taser: This weapon can kill the weakest raptors in one shot and could kill a Biosyn soldier. It had infinite ammunition.
. Tranquilizer Gun: This gun is best used against smaller dinosaurs.
.Tranquilizer Bazooka: Fires a rocket containing a dinosaur stun gas which can damage players if they're caught in the explosion.

+ Enemies:

Your enemies in this game are Biosyn soldiers and many different dinosaurs and creatures.

- Biosyn soldiers:

These soldiers often dress with different types of costumes and their duties are also different. While others may throw a wrench at you, others shoot you. They including
Grenadiers, Grunts, Flamethrower Troopers, Engineers, Bazooka Troopers, Commandos, Scientists, Spy.

Dinosaurs and Creatures: They include:

Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Dimorphodon, Dilophosaurus, Gallimimus, Pteranodon, Compsognathus, Oviraptor, Giant mosquito.
- Among these dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex is considered the most dangerous. You will be invincible when you first face it. It is best to escape it by slowing it down with your weapon. In addition, the dinosaur Velociraptor is also considered the second most dangerous after Tyrannosaurus rex. Because it is very fast, powerful, durable, and can often be found in groups.
Besides these two dinosaurs, you can learn the power of other dinosaurs while you play the game.

How to play:

- Use WASD keys to move,
- Press K key to jump
- Press L key to shoot

Tips and Tricks:

-  If the game Jurassic Fight Club Turf WarsJurassic Park Part 2 is not working make sure that you have installed Adobe Flash Player.

- Your best strategy is to attack. You can run straight at the dinosaur, then aiming and shooting. Using your weapon, you can shoot a large number of bullets on them to take damage.

- Aim the dinosaurs before shooting.

- Read the strength and weakness of each weapon in the section above to select the suitable weapon.

- You can pause/resume/restart the game and turn the sound on/off.

- While you must defend yourself against dinosaurs, you must be cautious as if the number of animals on the island drops below a certain number, you will lose and be forced to start the game over once again. 


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If you are a loyal fan of dinosaur shooter games, Jurassic Park Part 2 is an excellent game that you can't ignore. Jumping into the game world, killing enemies with various weapons, etc all of them make us feel so excited. After playing it for a while, you want to play it even more. Play this game on Dinosaursgames.net site for free and many other dinosaur games that waiting for your discovery. Now please enjoy it and have fun!

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