Jurassic Park The Lost World

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Game Description:

Jurassic Park The Lost World

This is a new great game Jurassic Park The Lost World, you can play it and enjoy it at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games online! Jurassic Park The Lost World is a fun shooting game in which your task is to catch dinosaur specimens, but the face of such a brutal monster, you can survive successfully completed your mission?

The Lost World: Jurassic Park is a Sega Genesis game made by Appaloosa Interactive (developers of Ecco the Dolphin).
It is based on both the Lost World novel and the movie. It is a sequel to the 1993 game, Jurassic Park.

You can play this game for 2 players. The player, as a hunter (Player1) and Ian Malcolm (Player 2) was sent to Isla Sorna by InGen to capture some dinosaur specimens and battle another group of hunters (it is unknown whether they are sent by Peter Ludlow, Biosyn, or if they are just simply poachers).

The game is played from an isometric view. Players start a taser, a tranquilizer gun, and a shotgun as their starting weapons. However, players can collect more weapons, such as machine guns to grenades. Players can use a body armor that gives them more chance of survival (giving them more health) and uses vehicles, such as the Mercedes-Benz M - class is seen in the film.

Jurassic Park – The Lost World, where you take down and capture dangerous dinosaurs on the loose. You play as a hunter sent to the island by the inGen company to capture some dinosaur specimens and battle another group of hunters. Enjoy free play dino game online on Dinosaursgames.net. Have fun!

How to play:

Use only the keyboard to play. At the bottom of the game, click the first icon that said “Set Up Keyboard” to view default controllers settings that correspond to your keyboard keys. For example, a – Z, mean ‘a’ button on controller/joystick is equal to Z key on your keyboard. You can also change button to your specification. Default Keyboard Keys: A/S/D/Z/X/C Enter = Start Spacebar = Select

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