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Game Description:

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Warrior prehistoric car racing is a thrilling prehistoric where you take part in a very complicated route, where you will be watched by all kinds of extinct dinosaurs who try to kill you at any price, but you have to let them do this. Using a weapon to be stoned to advance as much and move all obsatcolele and dinosaurs all the way. Along the way you'll encounter numerous obsatcole over to be using the space bar to jump. If you jump over them it will take a lifetime. You will also encounter dinosaurs that will take a life if you do not shoot the gun using the mouse. You only have 3 lives, and if you finish all, you will lose and you will have aincepi from the beginning, losing all progress. Try to give our best to win this game and get to the top. Give us then a like if you liked our game. Complete missions to be doing your most feared dinosaur Jurassic. Collect a lot of points to try to achieve the best position in the world ranking! This is a dinosaur game adapted to all ages, but the children will enjoy it in a very special way. They’ll laugh and enjoy while they learn how life was like in the Jurassic and how difficult it was to survive!
When playing Jurassic Run you will feel passionate about this game thanks to the following features:
- Jurassic environment
- Realistic T-Rex
- Amazing graphics
- Adapted to all ages
- Worldwide leaderboards
- Easy play game
- Thematic Music
-  Free play.
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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to move and the mouse to shoot.

Tips and Tricks:

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