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Game Description:

Jurassic T-Rex: Dinosaur

Welcome to the Jurassic T-Rex: Dinosaur game, you can play it and enjoy it for free at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games online. You can also play it in your browser or mobile as well.

Everybody knows Jurassic Park. Everybody loved this movie. Now we have the epic game. Fight against dinosaurs and fight against nature. For some reason, even hurricanes are involved. Choose where you want to go to the island and survive.

There are many different types of dinosaurs in the game - most of whom do not like humans. They will try to bite, stomp or just run you over. They include Pteranodon, Velociraptor, Brachiosaur, Triceratops. They are all very aggressive, that's why you are loaded up with three powerful weapons. A horizontal-firing Stun Gun will either knock down or scare away most dinosaurs. An aerial stun weapon will knock the mean out of Pterodactyls and other large or flying saurians. Gas grenades you throw really put the whammy on most dino. Also, you will be provided with other items include med kits, which restore your life meter, botdes which add another segment to your life meter.

There are many areas that you need to pass:

Pteranodon Area: At here, you can driving sequence against the airborne Pteranodons. Survive a trip across a rocky chasm and you'll do some aerial cleaning in the Pteranodon's lair. The trickiest section here is the rocky cliffs area - not because of spitters or other hazards - but because of the maze of doors and corridors you have to negotiate to reach the sub-area. If you reach the rail cars, you are very close.

Velociraptor Area: This area takes you into the heart of the power station to bring under control the smartest dinosaur in the game, the Velociraptor - Raptor for short. Along the way you must drop Pteranodons out of the air and deal with some very crafty Raptors. Survive the three lava pits and electrically charged power station wiring, and you'll face down the boss Raptor.

Brachiosaur Area: Take on this area and you'll end a successful driving session with a battle against T-Rex! Fighting this razor-toothed behemoth has good and bad points. Beat him and you rack up the points.

Triceratops Area: More than any other, this area pits you against the forces of nature and against the residents of Jurassic Park. Tornadoes, lightning and fire rain from the heavens to fill your mission with danger. The dinosaurs are smarter and faster as well. You'll see what we mean. Climbing and jumping are the greatest skills needed in this area. And the Boss Triceratops has a weak spot that can only be reached from ground level. You'll need to move as fast as he does!

The Visitor Center: The fifth round is the Visitor Center, where all of Jurassic Park's control stations are to be found. Last we heard, it was overrun by Raptors. Now, who knows? All we can tell you is that if you make it here, you'll have a whole new respect for dinosaurs.

If you like this game, then try it now! This is a very interesting game! Please enjoy and have fun!

How to play:

WASD or The arrow keys to Move
Z to Shoot
X to Jump.

Tips and Tricks:

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