League of Stickman

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Game Description:

The game's most exciting action in -League of Stickman! The feature fight on the highest-class! Destroy the enemy! Defeat all of them! Truth supreme victory! This is a game you can not miss - League of Stickman
Action Games most anticipated of 2016. You can experience the thrill with features such as dual blow, Soar and Pack Deadly!
[Joining Forces Hero]
Unlock many heroes and many more heroes together to form teams! Joined forces with others to fight the name Don King Devils! Choose your own team now and start fighting!
[Experience Best Picture]
High quality graphics! The special effects impress! League of Stickman introduce you the best gaming experience!
[Operation Simple & Smooth]
Freedom to switch between heroes and control four different skills of ho.Ban will fight the best experience ever!
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How to play:

In game.

Tips and Tricks:

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