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Game Description:

London Rex Game

This is London Rex game, you can play it for free at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games online. In the game, you control a T-rex in the middle of London. Your task in here is to destroy everything in this city.

Even though T-Rex razed New York and LA to the ground the wild dinosaur is still wild with anger. Help him to de-stress in London and rampage the royal capital of England and the United Kingdom.

Just choose your dinosaur T-rex and let's begin the smashing. You can destroy all everything such policemen, ordinary citizens, cars, houses, helicopters, tanks and a lot more armored vehicles. The more cars you whack, the more innocent people you eat and the more destruction you cause, the higher your score and fun also.

So, try to destroy the world around you. Do everything you want with your "small" dinosaur, destroy everything in order to get a high enough score.

London City will never be the same after the arrival of dinosaur T-Rex! Play as the almighty dinosaur and bring chaos to London by eating people. Wreck objects in your way to find the hidden stars so you can unlock other dinosaurs. Watch out for shooters and destroy them all in this awesome action!

If you like this game then try it now! Have fun!

How to play:

Use the arrows or WASD keys to move and jump,

Use mouse to Attack

Tips and Tricks:

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