Mechanical Robot King Kong

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Game Description:

Play game : Robot King Kong
The latest free puzzle games, assemble a strong Mechanic King Kong, like the game friends not to miss!
Assemble the parts are scattered , Try assembling a large and powerful mechanical King Kong. After the assembly, You can use a variety of techniques.
Assembled a powerful King Kong Robot with transformers body and strong firepower, the parts to be assembled are dispersed, try a powerful King Kong robot assembly. 
Assemble another legendary robot, this time the mechanical King Kong, ruler of all gorilas in the world, now made of steel and carrying guns. Its electric pulse its frightening by itself, but it’s the amazing power and strength of this bot, available once it’s completely built, that will destroy the enemy’s front line in battle.
After the completion of the assembly, you can use a variety of nirvana.
The future we will introduce more kinds of assembled puzzle game, more games waiting for you.
 Enjoy free play new robot game online on have fun!

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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