Mega Mechs Assembling

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Game Description:

Mega Mechs Assembling Game
One day in the year 2075, the planet the aliens arrived. There is no communication, just to resources, in order to plunder, war horn sounded on this day. They rely on a strong group of weapons and combat capability, the earth occupies one of their own base. However, the Earth people are not willing to see their homes destroyed, in order to get rid of the aliens adaptation war mech war were produced. These mechs very powerful, and alien enough to contend. Small partners Come to the game to experience it! Assemble your own Mega Mechs and defeat all the waves of aliens that are about to destroy the earth. Unlock all the Mega Mech robots and finish all the levels! We hope you would love this game. Enjoy free  new game online on

How to play:

The arrows(left/ right )- Move
Space bar-   Shoot

Tips and Tricks:

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