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Game Description:

Meyve Penside

This is new great game Meyve Penside, you can play it for free at - website for all dinosaur games online. Meyve Penside is an action game in which your task is to help dinosaur find fruit along its way!

In a large forest where just the fruit like grapes, bananes, apples... These dinosaurs are feeling very hungry, they wanted their own hands in search of food. Please help dinosaur eat lots of flowers results! Eat as much fruit as you can without falling behind in this addictive and fast paced platformer!

There are some fruits you need to hunt and there some you need to avoid. Good fruits like banana, watermelon and apple should be collected by the raptor which is controlled with arrow keys. But pepper and other spicy or bad fruits are something you should avoid which also needs some keys. The one who can go to farther missions can get a higher score!

Each fruit will bring you different points, from 250 to 5000. Earn speed bonus, collect all fruits, but avoid the burning hot chili peppers, because they will reduce your score for even 2500 points. Get all trophies and read the most hilarious fruity juicy jokes!

Join this game and try to collect as many fruits as possible with this cute baby raptor. Help him jump over obstacles and avoid falling in this addictive and fast paced platformer!

Please enjoy it and share with your friends!

How to play:

Press the right arrow key to run forwards left arrow key to go a little bit backwards press once up arrow key to jump and twice for a big jump.

Tips and Tricks:

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