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Game Description:

About Miami Rex

Hi Friends!

We invite you to our site Dinosaursgames.net to play a new game called Miami Rex. This game was developed by Gametornado. This is the sequel to the previous New York, Paris, London, Mexico, and LA games. In this section, Tyrannosaurus Rex continues to Miami Beach to destroy and kill here. So start to see how he will destroy this game!

Before starting the game, you can choose to play Online save or Local save. You will then control a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur rex and perform your mission. It is destroying everything on your way by crushing cars, destroying boats, killing people and then eating them. Besides, you can eat sharks in the sea and eat the birds in the sky. An interesting thing is that these sharks can attack you again, so be careful with them. Every time you destroy an object, you get points. So try to get as many points as possible.

Another interesting point in this game is that you can make super jump shots. You can use a super jump to bite the plane and pull them down.

The game has 16 days corresponding to 16 levels that you need to complete. Complete the mission on the first day, you have the opportunity to unlock the first part of Tyrannosaurus rex. In the beginning, there will be 4 parts for you to unlock. Continue to complete the 2nd day, you will be unlocking the body part. And the next few days if you complete you will continue to unlock the legs, teeth, and weapons. To complete all the objectives and upgrade your T-rex dinosaur so it can be more durable in its mission.

Miami Rex is considered the best part of all previous parts. So play it now and we are sure that you will have fun experiences! If you like this game, you can also play other games with the same gameplay such as NY Rex, Mexico Rex...

How to play:

Use the arrows or ASDW to move/jump,

Use mouse to eat.

Tips and Tricks:

You can turn on/off the sound on the game screen.

Avoid being shot from all sides, and sharks can try to attack you.

Upgrade your Tyrannosaurus Rex to make him stronger.


* Miami Rex on Dinosaursgames.net


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