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Game Description:

Hi kids! Today, we are happy that is bringing you a new online game. It's called Monster Typer. This game has unique graphics, funny sound that suitable for children of all ages.

Monster Typer is a puzzles game, in which that you must to fight with the monsters by taping correct words to kill them! Using your magic by typing in the magic spells correctly. After each typing, you will receive a score. The faster you type, the higher your score will be. The game screen will show your score and time. If you type the word incorrectly, the time will end and your score will also decrease. But don't worry! Because now you will start another monster by typing quickly and accurately to destroy them. You must be calm, type each letter. There are several words that will have many letters, and there are also some words with a few letters. So you will be able to finish each and every one of the mission, get more points and become to the win in the game.

Join this game, we hope you have a great time with your friends. You will be rewarded with points, and you can see that you will be able to over from a monster to another in a short time, and you can see that different other new Monster Typer will be an interesting experience on our website. Please enjoy and have fun!

How to play:

Use your mouse to play this game

Tips and Tricks:

You can pause, turn off the sound on the game screen

Type exactly each word to get a high score

Type as quickly as possible, because time is limited


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Can you believe that Monster Typer is now available for anyone to come and enjoy at Let’s get to and make the best out of your gameplay in Monster Typer now!


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