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Game Description:

Welcome to new Moutons et Dragons game that has on our site. Moutons et Dragons is an exciting 2D adventure game published by Svindlari. You can enjoy this game in your browser or mobile as well.

Entering the game, you are role a hero that equipmed by a sword. Your task is to kill all enemies and a dragon monster on your way to protect the infamous Klaus. On the way, you will meet some soldiers, kill them with your sword. After each time you kill them, you will get points.
Keep moving, you will meet a dragon. An interesting thing here is that you will be transformed from a hero to a sheep. What do you think you are a sheep and can you destroy a large dragon? It won't be easy to destroy it, because it's too dangerous. It can produce a red fire to burn you. So avoid fire breaths and try to attack as quickly as possible.
Do not worry too much, please focus your mind very well on this game, you will definitely win. Now enjoy this game and have fun!

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How to play:

Use A, D keys to move
Press C or Space bar to attack

Tips and Tricks:

Avoid fire breaths of the dragon and try to attack it as quickly as possible.


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