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Game Description:

Well, here we are, one last time today into the Cloud Games category, which we have seen you like a lot, so we do not doubt all that you are going to love playing this new game as well, called Nightmare-Rex, which is going to be one of the best dinosaur games from our website, and that says a lot, since we have many such games, and we have noticed that they are always well received, especially t-rex games, like is the case with this one. From the next part of the description, you will be able to learn the format of the game, so we recommend reading it! Well, the T-rex is going to move forward on the alien planet on his own, and when you click on the screen, he jumps, which is what you need to help him with. Jump past all of the obstacles in your path, make use of platforms you encounter, and try your best to get any power-ups you might find since certainly, you will find them very useful. There are many levels, each one more fun than the last, so we hope you go through it all and have lots of fun! The following part of the description explains what you have to do, so make sure to pay attention!

How to play:

Use the mouse to play game

Tips and Tricks:

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