Nightmare Runner

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Game Description:

Nightmare Runner

This is new great game Nightmare Runner, you can play it for free at - website for all dinosaur games online. Nightmare Runner is a classic 2D game platforms in which you take on the role of a little girl who is immersed in his worst nightmare. In the middle of a dark forest , shadows come to you, will you be able to escape ?

Your main goal is to escape the shadow that haunts you and help the fairy forest on an important mission. To complete the game you have to beat all the levels of which consists, escaping all the dangers that hide the forest. Your enemy will be dinosaurs, octopus, dragon. A colorful world is in front of you.

You will use the left click button to jump and double jump and moving the mouse on your pad will help you point your fire to different locations on the screen to destroy your opponents. Your enemies will be attacking you from all corners so even tough you run in one direction only you need to always keep an eye behind of you. The game features many skills that one can unlock so don't let yourself fooled by the black look, this game is actually very good.

A colorful world is in front of you. Enjoy free action games this stunning and have fun!

How to play:

Use the mouse to jump and aim.

Tips and Tricks:

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