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Game Description:

Game Name: Nightmare Runner 2
Developer: Clockwork Monster
Music: Zendra
Code, Art, Game Design: Javier Lazaro
Arcadia Private Reflection: Kevin MacLeod

Hi all, today we want to bring you a new great game. It is called Nightmare Runner 2. This is an addictive action game that is developed by Clockwork Monster - a famous game developer known through some the games such as Eastward Quest, Nightmare Runner, Amoebas and more. Nightmare Runner 2 is the sequel to the fantastic Nightmare Runner. This game has cute graphics, suitable for those who like the shooter. You can experience this game in your browser for free.

In the game will have features new levels and gameplay to tackle. Similar to the game Nightmare Runner, your task in here is to run and shoot in a gloomy and dark world. You are a hunter and you must brave to overcome the challenges on your path. So you just need to focus on jumping to aim and shoot.

Use your jump and double jump to fly over platforms and avoid monsters. As you move ensure to use your mouse to aim your weapon to destroy any beast you encounter. Don't forget to collect the different power-ups and drops are scattered throughout the level such as XP multipliers, weapons boosts, and improved jumps.
After the game ends, will show your score results and the number of meters you need to finish in the game.


The skills below you will meet in the levels, read it to know
Level 2 - Double jump
Level 3 - Faster fire
Level 4 - More powerups
Level 5 - Higher jump
Level 6 - Faster fire
Level 7 - More powerups
Level 8 - Higher jump
Level 9 - Fire shield
Level 10 - Faster fire
Level 11 - Double Shield


Experience: Collect XP to improve your characters.
Shotgun: Collect them will help you shoot accurately animals.
Boms: Help you explode a lot of monsters at once.
Multiplier: It increases the number of points earned in the game. You will receive double the points they would normally.
Shield: This is an energy that will protect you from monsters' attacks


If you Jumped over 10 monsters, you will reach level 4
If you Jumped over 20 monsters, you will reach level 8
If you Jumped over40 monsters, you will reach level 11
If you Jumped over 200.000 points, you have to kill 100 monsters
Besides, there are many other guides, you can find it in the game.

How to play:

You shoot automatically, use your mouse to aim
W or up arrow or left click to jump
P to pause

Tips and Tricks:

- If you don’t like the sound of this game, you can turn the sound off. How to do that? Very easy! Just turn it off on the game screen.
- During the game, you will be warned about the dangers that are about to appear. So, keep an eye on this warning to get ready before your run/jump to passes through everything challenges.
- You can press the button P to pause the game anytime you want. In order to continue this game, let’s press button P again.
- If you want to cross the gaps, then you have to double-click correctly to jump over, otherwise, you will fall into the gap and the game over.

If you like this addictive game, then try it once. I make sure you have a great time with this game. While enjoying this game, you can also play many other great dinosaur games on our website. The online dinosaur games, coloring games, dinosaur pictures ... All of them are free. You will be free to choose any game you want. Wish you happy gaming!


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