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Another new dinosaur coloring pages added today on our site It is called Nodosaurus Dinosaur Coloring Page. Do you like draw? If you like, you can download or print this Nodosaurus Dinosaur Coloring Page then using crayons, or colored pencils to make a nice picture. Or color online on our site that is also very interesting!
Before starting to color this dinosaur, you can learn some information about it. Nodosaurus is a large dinosaur that lived from the early Cretaceous period, about 113-98 million years ago. It was a plant-eater such as ferns and cycads, with its leaf-shaped teeth. It was about 13 to 20 ft (4-6m) long. It had four short legs, five-toed feet, a short neck, and a long, clubless tail. The narrow head had a pointed snout and powerful jaws. It may have had spikes along its sides, but only incomplete fossils have been found, so this is not certain.
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