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Game Description:

NY Rex is an action game that was developed by Game Tornado. The game has unique graphics 2D and clear sound, surely this game will be a fun experience for you.

Entering the game, you control T-Rex character that run through New York, Munching on people, destroying cars and wrecking the place as a real dinosaur should.

The game has 16 levels corresponding to 16 days. Your mission in each of these levels is quite similar. Destroy all everything such as, is to smash cars, boxes, buildings, and people until you get to the end of the levels.

Be careful: Avoid being killed by police officers and soldiers that will stand in your way throughout the 16 levels of the game. They are ready to use the most modern weapons including sniper rifles, helicopters and more to attack you. In the left corner of the screen will show your health bar, every time you get shot this health bar will drop to 0 and you will die. Try not to get killed, since that would mean game over.

Destroying as many items as possible. The more things you destroy, the more points you'll be awarded. Try to complete each level and show everyone what you've got. You will definitely win.

This game is on Play.Goole, you can download it. If you like this game, you can also play other games with the same gameplay such as Paris Rex, Miami Rex...

* Features

Destruction game featuring a vicious T-Rex
The game takes place in different areas across NY Rex
16 levels to play
The ability to blast a powerful fire breath
Hidden skulls to collect

How to play:

Use W,A,S,D or ARROW Keys to move, jump and crouch,

Use the MOUSE to attack vehicles and eat humans.

Tips and Tricks:

- You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sound on/off on the game screen.

- From the second level onwards, police and soldiers will appear.


NY Rex on Dinosaursgames.net


If you like this cool game, then try it once. I make sure you have a great time with this game. While enjoying this game, you can also play many other great dinosaur games on our website. The online dinosaur games, coloring games, dinosaur pictures ... All of them are free. You will be free to choose any game you want. Wish you happy gaming!


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