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Hi kids, this is a great image about Pentaceratops Dinosaur Coloring Page. If you love the color and Pentaceratops dinosaur, then you can print out it, download or color online on our website for free with the interesting information below.
Pentaceratops is a dinosaur which lived around 65 to 75 million years ago during the late Cretaceous Period. Its name means “five horn face” because Pentaceratops is that it looks very much like a rhinoceros. It was squat, walked on its four legs and had 3 horns on its face. This dinosaur was around 28 feet long, 10 feet high and weighed about 8 tons. This dinosaur was an herbivore that was close to the ground. This would have included cycads, club mosses, seed ferns...
Now, take crayons, pencils color to make a nice picture. We make sure that you will have a great time with this Pentaceratops Dinosaur Coloring Page. Have fun!

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