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The dinosaur Polacanthus is called "many spikes", pronounced POE-la-CAN-thus. It lived in Early-Middle Cretaceous from 130-110 million years ago. It was about 12 feet long and weigh about one ton. Polacanthu is a plant-eating dinosaur. Characteristics to distinguish it from some other dinosaurs that this dinosaur had a small head; sharp spikes lining neck, back, and tail. Polacanthus have some impressive armament, including bony plates lining its back and a series of sharp spikes running from the back of its neck all the way to its tail. This is interesting all information of Polacanthus dinosaur. If you love this dinosaur, then you can download, print out it on paper to color. Or color online on our website Dinosaursgames.net for free. We truly hope you can easily receive it as one of your reference. You can share this image for your beloved friends, families...Have fun!

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