Prehistoric Defense

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Game Description:

About Prehistoric Defense:

Prehistoric Defense is a shoot dinosaur game. This game has unique graphics and clearly sounds like a lot of fun. This game especially suitable for all ages as children and families. You can experience this game in your browser or mobile for free because it is an HTML5 game!

In this game, you are a man with a machine-gun. Your enemies are dangerous dinosaurs. Your task is to fight against the dinosaurs, to protect the village! To do this, you have to create more and more men and send them to fight the dinosaurs. Increase the amount of food so you can train better and more powerful men that can easily defeat these cold-blooded dinosaurs. Besides, you can unlock the witch the doctor that can make the dinosaurs sleep and give you that playing advantage.

This game has 9 levels, each level is a challenge for you. At each level, you will face dangerous dinosaurs. So, try to complete all levels as fast as you can.

With soft, clearly music. Prehistoric Defense is suitable for those who are looking for relaxation. Play Prehistoric Defense and see how far you can go and survive from this primeval war! Good luck and have fun!

Tips & Tricks:

- You can turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
- Because the dinosaurs are going to come in waves and they are going to be more and more dangerous and powerful so you have to do your best to fight against them the best way!

How to play:

Use the mouse to control in this game!

Tips and Tricks:

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