Prehistoric Shark

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Game Description:

Prehistoric Shark

Play new great Prehistoric Shark game for free at - website for all dinosaur games online. Prehistoric Shark is an interesting action game in which you control a shark, kill everything in the prehistoric age from small creatures to giant tree.

In the game, you are in prehistoric times, you are the bloodthirsty prehistoric shark that has only one goal and that is to devour whatever is in its path! Before starting with bloodshed select which shark you want to play, you’ve got a choice of four sharks.

Your main goal in here is to eat as many animals and prehistoric humans, you can kill in the water you can kill on land in order to kill and eat a variety of prehistoric animals on land you need to jump out of the water, so in order to jump out of the water you need to dive to the bottom and to emerge fast to the surface and then eat all you can. The more animals you eat more points you can earn. Take the carnage and try to win as many points as you can! Knockdown trees, destroy ships, kill the dinosaurs and prehistoric humans and dominate like a true prehistoric shark!

This shark game is bloody, challenging, addictive, fun and exciting. We think that you will like it, especially lovers of shark games, it’s not a hard game, your only job is to devour and destroy everything in sight. We wish you lots of fun in this awesome Prehistoric Shark game! Please enjoy and have fun!

How to play:

Use key A to attack, arrow keys to move and jump.

Tips and Tricks:

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