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Game Description:

Today we will bring you a great, very new and strange game. It is called - Dinosaur Battle Royale game. This is an amazing io game in the style of Battle Royale multiplayer that was developed by Ginoda. The game takes inspiration from both Fortnite and PUBG. In the game, you will experience with the prehistoric raptor such as T-rex, Triceratops..., even dragons and more! The game takes place in a massive gridded map, in which you and multiple players will be competing against each other. You need to accumulate as many points as you can in order to top the leader board.

Entering the game, control your character to move around the map. First, you need to find some guns by breaking chests, and a nest with an egg. Besides, you can also smash a range of objects to find new loot. That's weapons, health, and other resources. You try to score the most kills while also hatching dinosaur eggs that will give you a random dinosaur to ride and play in the game.
If you have unlocked a dinosaur you'll be able to wield heavier, more powerful weapons.
Collect equipment of the players you killed to upgrade.

The gameplay of - Dinosaur Battle Royale may seem a bit too fast, but if you are brave enough and willing to face any kind of situation, then this game is created just for you. Are you ready to step in the battle of Dinosaur Battle Royale? If the answer is Yes, then you can start to play right now! Good luck and have fun!

* Modes:

- You can select to play solo or play with your friends. The game offers duo and quad mode so you can invite your friends together play.

* Unlock Skins and Emotes.

If you want to change your skin and emotes, then you must get your score on the leaderboard. There are 100 slots you can do it.

* Features:

Multiplayer Battle-Royale game
A rideable dinosaur that you must hatch it from the egg first
Breakable objects that can give you items
Locked doors
Various weapons to use.

How to play:

- Use WASD to move
- LMB to shoot
- Press E key to pick-up an item or interact
- Press R key to reload
- RMB to drop an item
- Esc to open the menu
- Press M key to open the map

Tips and Tricks:

- Find and nurture dinosaur eggs with the intent of raising a mighty dino steed to help you take on the swarms of enemies. 

- The T-Rex is the toughest dinosaur available – can you find him?

- Avoid the dead zone that will make the map smaller and smaller.

- Don’t stick around one place, try exploring the entire game world.

-The more points you have the better.

-You can exchange XP points for upgrading your character's skills.


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