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Game Description:

About Rio-rex

There are many great dinosaur games that you can have fun with your friends on our Dinosaursgames.net website. We know that you and all your friends love dinosaurs - prehistoric creatures are especially attractive to most of us. So we always try to bring you the best dinosaur games. And as usual, today you will have the opportunity to enjoy another great game called Rio-rex that was developed by Game Tornado. This is a sequel to previous games such as New York Rex and Paris Rex. In this section, Rio Rex gives you the opportunity to control the T-rex character, which is the main character throughout the game. He destroyed many different cities, and this time his stop was the beautiful city of Rio. Have fun playing this game and try to see what fun he will bring you to this game!

Entering the game, you will control an aggressive T-rex and quickly control it to destroy everything. Your goal is to destroy everything possible on your way. Because this is a destruction game, it allows you to destroy everything from cars, houses, street lights, traffic to people.
During the game, you can see some people and things that try to attack you as well. But don't worry, because you're playing as the most powerful carnivorous dinosaur from prehistoric times. Everything is under your control.

Rio Rex offers you 16 levels corresponding to 16 different locations, you will start with the first place at the first level. Other levels are locked because the game requires you to complete each level. Your score is the times you destroy items, people and the remaining time at the end of each level. The way to play is also very easy, you just need to follow the arrow keys which leads you to the right way in the game.

Besides this game, you can play similar games such as New York Rex, Mexico Rex...

How to play:

Use WASD or Arrow keys and to move the character.
Right-click to eat/ bite everything.

Tips and Tricks:

- Destroy everything in your way to get the highest score in the game.

- You just need to follow the direction the arrow leads you to the right path in the game.


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