Robot Angry Bear

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Game Description:

Robot Angry Bear

Play a new great game added today on our website - Robot Angry Bear, you can play it and enjoy it for free at You can also play it in your browser or mobile as well. Robot Angry Bear is an online robot game in which your task is to assemble a powerful and enormous bear and help is ready to battle!

As you know, Bears are large mammals that eat mostly meat and fish. Many bears also eat plants, bulbs, and insects.
The polar bear eats mostly meat and is classified as carnivores, while the panda feeds almost entirely on bamboo and is classified as an herbivore. The six other species of bear eat both plants and animals and are classified as omnivorous.
There are only eight living species of bears and they can be found throughout most of the world.

It has huge paws, a furry body, a snout and weighs hundreds or thousands of pounds.
The smallest bears are sun bears and weigh about a hundred pounds, while polar bears are the largest and can weigh over 1,500 pounds! That's about the same as three large male lions!

Most bears live between 20 and 30 years, which is short compared to people in the United States, who usually live to be a little over 77 years old! Bears' eyesight is as good as ours, if not better, and they also have a great sense of smell. They use both these senses to hunt and find food.

Although this bear was huge, it was still in the box. Assemble all parts of Robot Bear, It is covered in steel and armed with secret weapons, hidden until this robot angry bear can release its anger. First, the box must be opened and the pieces that form up the whole assembled, once everything is unpacked and ready to be dragged into creating the battle toy...Use your special powers from your suit to project the Lightning Attack and more. Use your animal instincts to fight with your powerful claws and teeth.

Do you like this robot bear?, Join the cool game, create your own Robot Angry Bear. Assembly your bear from parts in three unique ways, and fight your components to become the robot Robot Angry Bear battle hero. Gameplay is very simple, you just use the mouse to drag and drop the pieces into the correct parts of the robot Robot Angry Bear. If you like Robots, Bear you will love this game! Please enjoy and have fun!

How to play:

Use your mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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