Robot Ankylosaurus Toy War

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Game Description:

Robot Ankylosaurus Toy War Game.
Do your like robot Dino? Join the cool game, creat your own robot Ankylosaurus. About dino Ankylosaurus you should know: it lived in end of the Cretaceous Period (about 68-65.5 million years ago).Ankylosaurus have two horns, armor plates covered in his back. Ankylosaurus grew to at least 6 meters long,6 tonnes weighed. Very huge Did it !? Assemble all parts of Robot Ankylosaurus, customize color of it, test performance,tuning up the weapon, join the Toy Robot Dino War, fight with other robot dino, such as Robot I Rex,Therizinosaurus,Stegosaurus etc.. Have fun!
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How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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