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Game Description:

About Robot Police Iron Panther

Welcome back to site today to enjoy a new great game called Robot Police Iron Panther. Robot Police Iron Panther is a puzzle game, that developed by Go Panda Games and released in August 2019. The game offers a very interesting task for the player to assemble a complete Robot Police Iron Panther, then use it to fight the monster in the fiercest battle.

The game offers two fairly obvious tasks: Assemble Robot Police Iron Panther and join the battle.

- Assembling Robot Police Iron Panther: Use the mouse to pull the head, body, leg, tail and armor parts to assemble a complete Robot Police Iron Panther.

- Battle: There are two options: normal mode, and Extreme mode. How to play in both modes is the same, use some moves like Short (blue icon), long (yellow icon), counter (red icon) ... for the battle. When you use one of these moves will create a clash bring both sides.
In addition, you can use some other moves like damage (purple icon): This is huge damage that can be encountered in a shot. And shield movement (blue icon): That is to cut all damage in 1/2.

- The top of the game screen is your HP bar. Every time you get attacked by monsters, your HP will drop. When your HP drops to 0, you lose and the game will end.

- The game will display your results after each battle ends. It is the time of the fight, the health score, the gain of points, and the total score.

Robot Police Iron Panther has pretty funny music and beautiful graphics, which you can have fun with your friends. This game can be played on your computer or mobile phone. Please enjoy it now!

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How to play:

Use the mouse to play this game

Tips and Tricks:

- You can turn on / off the sound on the game screen
- Try to install Robot Police Iron Panther body parts correctly
- Learn how to play before participating in the match for the best results.

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If you are a fan of robot games, then visit the page to play all the best robot games here. Like other robot games, Robot Police Iron Panther is a game where you can enjoy it for free, wherever you want. Come and have fun!


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