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Game Description:

Robot Triceratops

Welcome to the Robot Triceratops game, you can play it and enjoy it for free at - website for all dinosaur games online! You can also play it in your browser and mobile as well. Robot Triceratops is one of the game dinosaur robot assemble online that is liked by the boys.

Talking about this prehistoric dinosaur, Triceratops is a quadrupedal herbivore that lived during the late Cretaceous period - or about 68 million years ago. It has 3 horned faces. Triceratops dinosaur was approximately 26 feet long, while its skull was approximately 7 feet long. It could weigh anywhere between 6 and 12 tons. Which is about the weight of a modern diesel truck. This dinosaur measured over 10 feet in height. That is as tall as a first story building. This dinosaur has approximately 400 to 800 teeth during the course of its lifetime. However, it didn’t use all of these teeth at one time. It was constantly replacing them throughout its lifetime as it wore them out.

Bring this herbivore back to life by building and creating a powerful Triceratops robot dinosaur. Robot Triceratops, a new member for your toy war army. Small in size but great in power, carrying two horns and claws like blades, this dinosaur made of steel and modern design can be yours. Now we need to put together the Robot Triceratops, then test its weapons.

It's easy to assemble this robot dinosaur, just use your mouse, click, drag and drop scattered pieces to the right place of the dinosaur's body. Once you have created your Triceratops robotic dinosaur, you can control your dinosaur to fight with another dino robot. Show off your Triceratops power and be ready to fight now!

Join this game, create your robot Triceratops, assemble all parts,test performance, try attack weapon and defense. Join the Toy robot war, fight other robot dinosaurs. Beside Robot Triceratops game, you can choose from a number of similar games that available on our website such as Dino Robot Triceratops Blue, Assemble Robot Triceratops, Assembly Dino Robot Triceratops, Repair Dino Robot Triceratops, Dino Robot Triceratops, Toy War Robot Triceratops. All these game are for free! We hope that you will like to play this game and come back to play many more another dinosaur games on our website! Please enjoy and have fun!

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

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