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Game Description:

Play game: Shanghai Rex
**Play as a ferocious Monster and kill to earn points**
A monster Rex invaded the city of Shanghai and will cause destruction and mayhem in the capital of China, even with the Army shooting. The Chinese weren’t expecting to find this giant loose on their streets, but apparently there will be a lot of deaths before they can control the situation
Monster are back from the Jurassic age! Play as a Huge, monstrous monster and destroy city full of human. City occupied in modern times! Wander around and destructing whatever comes in your way.  Monster is angry and destroying everything! Here is a chance to not only watch realistic monster in this age but also be one of them!
Run! Explore! Attack! Kill! The city is all yours!
The features of Shanghai Rex include:
· Realistic Monster in city environment
· Awesome suburban city Graphics
. 3D image beautiful, rich sound, thrilling compelling content to make sense for players not to be boring.
· Smooth controls
· Multiple levels with challenging gameplay
The crazy Monster is ready to destroy whatever comes in the way!
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How to play:

Use arrow keys to move

Space bar to jump
S Ultimate Attack
Up arrow key + A to attack with the head
Down arrow key + A screaming, stomping
Down arrow key + A to Eat helicopter

Tips and Tricks:

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