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Game Description:

Welcome to T-Rex dinosaur Runner v1 game! This is an interesting game that is inspired by the familiar Google Chrome dinosaur game - a great endless-running game that I'm sure you would like its gameplay.

Unlike the previous T-Rex Game - a hidden game, when the players must find it on their browser with two conditions: they visit the Google site and they do not have internet. With this game, you can easily find it on the internet. Or right now, you can easily find this great game on our website anytime you want. In the T-Rex dinosaur Runner v1, your task is to control a dinosaur and run as far as you can. This game has no limits, so you will play until you die.

Remember: Your dinosaur will run continuously and you can only control it jump or bend to overcome the obstacles on the way such as cactus and flying dinosaurs. You will face the cactus with different heights or so flying dinosaur. Sometimes, you will encounter double cactus or triple cactus. Or there are birds flying high, do not jump, run as usual to overcome them. When you jump, you need to pay attention to your timing and the distance between you and the cactus or flying dinosaurs. These are important factors for you to get a high score. So you need to focus to overcome these challenges if you want to get many points in the game.

When the dinosaur runs, your score will increase. Try to "survive" as long as you can. If the dinosaur hit a cactus or a flying dinosaur you would lose and play again. With interesting gameplay, I believe you will enjoy playing T-Rex Game.

Besides this great game, you can find some similar games such as Chrome Dino Run, DinoRun.io...All these games are free on our website, we keep updating new games every day. Now, enter T-Rex dinosaur Runner v1, dodge the cactus and flying dinosaurs, and try to get the highest score. Now, let's start the game and enjoy it. Hope you have the great moments on our site!

How to play:

It is very easy to control this game. The dinosaur will run automatically and you just use the up key or mouse to control the dinosaur jump over the cactus or the bird.

Tips and Tricks:

- T-Rex will run automatically, just pay attention to the obstacles ahead

- The distance between the T Rex and the obstacles is very important.

- Do not wait too close to obstacles to jump, because you cannot dodge the next obstacle.


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