T rex rampage prehistoric pizza

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Game Description:

T rex rampage prehistoric pizza

This is T rex rampage prehistoric pizza game, you can play it at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games. T rex rampage prehistoric pizza is a new 3D dinosaur game in which you can choose to play basic: defeat the dino! or play premium: be T-Rex and rule.

If you play as a Pizza delivery guy who is very bored of his same same job that is until today when things got wild because while out delivering pizzas like usual you get chased by a hungry T-Rex who loves Pizza.The t-rex is rampaging the town! hurry, try to stop him again! Don't let T-rex catch up with you. Lead him to the gas station to send him back to prehistoric times! Use arrows to move forward, backward, up or down to drive your car! Pick up health power and look out for obstacles.

And you want to play as a the all-powerful and hungry T-rex dino. You will go on a rampage and destroy the city to find pizza.
Use arrow keys to move and find pizza. Destroy building and cars and bridges with the press of the space bar. And devour the pizza from each building to get more points and you will stay more in the game. On the game interface it's a life bar with energy you must eat pizza to have energy to destroy many buildings. When your energy runs out you will not have power to destroy no more. And the game will end!

Be sure to collect as many pizza to be able to stay more in the game. Make special combos using space and left and down arrow keys. That will make the dinosaur jump and roll doing massive damage.

Try it right now! To play more dinosaur games, make sure to continue to visit here on this website. All new dinosaur games will be updated daily. Please enjoy and have fun!

How to play:

Car: Arrow Keys - Move.

Dino: Arrow Keys - Move. Spacebar - Attack.

Tips and Tricks:

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