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Game Description:

T-Rex Runner game

Play T-Rex Runner game for free at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games online!. T-Rex Runner game is a free online game in which control your dino T-rex to jump over obstacles to continue the score.

This is game that you can play it in browsers such as safari and chrome. Your T-rex has to run, but you must get rid of may traps, such as cacti and pterodactyls. T-Rex Runner is a game based on another famous and very entertaining. A black and white option, as the original game. And another color option, with amazing color.

T-Rex Runner features:

Control your cute Dinosaur to jump over obstacles to continue the score.
Now just click space bar then the T-rex is started the moving!
Then you Cactus plants will appear in-game console screen, for that you need to jump at the same time by using again space bar or up arrow.
Entire game you can control with spacebar, it is enough.
The game begins with the space bar in your browser.
Then you can able to escapes the Tyrannosaurus from Cactus plants by using the space bar or up arrow, like that you need to play up to score 147.
You need face Birds, but here sometimes may require getting down the Tyrannosaurus to escape from birds (for that use Down arrow).

Do you like the T-rex? T-Rex Runner is a fun game, very difficult and an infinite stage. Guarantee hours of fun! What is his record? You can play it now! Have fun with the cute lonely dinosaur, and just run!

How to play:

Use space bar or arrow keys to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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