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Game Description:

This is Tarbo Cops Dino Robot game, you can play it on our Dinosaursgames.net - website about all dinosaur games online for everyone! Monsters dinosaur are scary, but they are still very strong, if you have the opportunity to create such a robot, then do not miss this opportunity.

Tarbo Cops Dino Robot is an interesting puzzle game. Your task in the game is to assemble every part of the dinosaur, from head parts to tail parts.

In this game you will have 2 modes: Police Car Assembly (Easy) and Dinosaur Robot Assembly (Normal):

Police Car Assembly: In this mode, you will arrange the parts of the Police Car to create a complete Car. Then you can control it, use its attack skills and you can even turn it into the Tarbo Cops robot.

Dinosaur robot assembly: In this mode, you will arrange parts of the Tarbo Cops robot to create a perfect Compsognathus robot. You will combine the parts such as head, body, leg, arm, weapon ... Try to complete the game as fast as you can.

Show your skills like patience, intelligence, and creativity stimulation to assemble accurate the Tarbo Cops. Because Tarbo Cops is a Double Target police officer responsible for the security of T-rex city. And he is the direct aide of Tyranno Cops and responsible for the security of the outer area. The main weapon is a laser fusion cannon mounted on the mouth. He can request a rail gun and a hand cannon as additional parts, and in the event of an emergency, he will take charge of the defense of the outlying area.

Tarbo Cops Dino Robot is extremely fun, playing assembles dinosaur robots game that helps you get creative, fast eye fast hand. So if you like these games, then at our website, you will have the opportunity to assemble the excellent dinosaur robots. You'll especially appreciate the great variety of online educational games available - something for you to enjoy.
Use your agility to assemble exciting robotic dinosaurs now. Have fun!

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How to play:

Use the mouse to control in this game.

Tips and Tricks:

You can turn the sound on/off on the game screen.

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