Tenki Knights Race To Redemption

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Game Description:

Enki Knights Race to Redemption is a game full of action, excitement and suspense that you recommend it as we are sure you will not regret the moments when you play this game. Tenki Knights Race to Redemption is a game that comes with great graphics and a complex as having solved many missions they have to win against your enemies fearless attacking robots realm. In this game you use the arrow keys to move and protect yourself from enemy bullets, and the space key to shoot laser beams. These rays are very strong, needing only one or just to kill the opponent. This game is the levels. Each level has its own degree of difficulty. Also you must collect as many points if you want to become a legionnaire player and have a chance to come in among the best players. You have a total of five lives, and if they lose they will have to start the game from the beginning. Be careful not to drop your life in the red bar above. Also pay attention and energy and a inamgazinezi as possible. Prove you're a true soldier go into battle. The Tenkai Knights games are very fun and you should try out this new one too because we are more than sure that you, especially the boys, will love it, because it is a racing game and we noticed you enjoy those. But here you are not racing with any kind of car, the Tenkai Knights are a kind of lego and they will transform into the best battle ship so you could conquer every level. Good luck! Free play new game on dinosaursgames.net

How to play:

Use the ARROW KEYS to move and SPACE to shoot.

Tips and Tricks:

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