The Bear Comes

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Game Description:

Have you kids ever been so afraid of something, that you would do anything to make sure you avoid it? Well, we all have our own fears and things we're scared of, but do you know what are the Boonie Bears scared of? This is quite a general fobia, as there are so many of us that are scared of it, and that would be spiders. Spiders come in different shapes, sizes and there are all kinds of species, but the Boonie Bears are terrified of them all, from the smallest ones, to those big bad spiders. Come and help your friends here, the Boonie Bears, to run away from these ugly and nasty spiders, and let's help them finish each level of the game. Don't let the spiders touch your character, if you do that too many times, you'll lose and you will have to start over. Good luck friends!

How to play:

Use the arrows and ASDW

Tips and Tricks:

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