The Good Dinosaur Puzzle 2

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Game Description:

Let’s have fun with another puzzle from the movie The Good Dinosaur, trying to piece up the Arlo picture taken from an amazing scene. Every kid who watched in the movies or at least enjoyed the idea of it would certainly like this challenge, having fun at the same time that the brain is defied to conclude something that has to do with the story. With three different modes of difficulty, kids and even grown-ups of every age will have to a certain degree a way to use their logic thinking and the dragging movement of the mouse.

How to play:

Use your mouse to interact. Solve a jigsaw puzzle with Arlo and Spot! The green dino and his caveboy pal are having fun in the forest. Your mission is to move every rectangle into the correct place. In The Good Dinosaur Puzzle, you can try three different difficulty levels!

Tips and Tricks:

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