Toy War Robot Therizinosaurus

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Game Description:

Toy War Robot Therizinosaurus

Welcome to a new great game, it's called Toy War Robot Therizinosaurus, you can play it and enjoy it at - website for all dinosaur games online! You can also play it for free in your browser and mobile as well. Toy War Robot Therizinosaurus is one of the dinosaur robot games that is very popular on our website. Your mission in this game is to create and assemble your own Toy War Robot Therizinosaurus and head to battle with other robot dinosaurs.

To start the game, you can learn a bit about this dinosaur! Therizinosaurus lived in the late Cretaceous Period (about 70 million years ago). They have gigantic hand claws, their forelimbs may have 2.5 metres to 3.5 metres length. It was 10 metres in length, 5 tonnes in weight. Its two foot long claws are some of the biggest claws ever found on any animal. These dinosaurs lived in the late Cretaceous Period and feature gigantic and quite deadly hand claws, walks and runs in two legs, and can jump pretty high.

Bring this agile predator back to life and test its weapons, shields and equipment before going to war! You can assemble the agile and vicious Therizinosaurus Robot and get ready for the robot war! Bring the pieces together and create a war machine in Toy War Robot Therizinosaurus! Put on the gigantic claws and strap in the metal plate armors.

It's easy to assemble this robot dinosaur, just use your mouse, click, drag and drop scattered pieces to the right place of the dinosaur's body. Once you have created your Therizinosaurus robotic dinosaur, you can change color for it and share it for your friends! This is very interesting! Next, you can control your dinosaur to run, collect all the necessary weapons and avoid the stumps on the way, because these stumps will cause your dino to break down. Overcoming these challenges, you can equip your dinos with the necessary weapons so that it is ready to fight. Its rival is a fierce T-Rex. Show off your Therizinosaurus power and be ready to fight now!

Join this game, create your robot Therizinosaurus, assemble all parts,test performance, try attack weapon and defense. Join the Toy robot war, fight other robot dinosaurs. We hope that you will like to play this game and come back to play many more another dinosaur games on our website! Please enjoy and have fun!

How to play:

Use mouse to assemble your dinosaur robot Therizinosaurus,

Use arrow keys to run!

Tips and Tricks:

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